An inspiring experience in Disentis during the XI International Summer Piano Academy.

My Lecture: Promote yourself, Music Entrepreneur!

Nina Orotchko, founder of the International Summer Piano Academy and producer and artistic director of the “Musical Discovery” Artist and Concert Management asked me in 2020 to participate in the International Summer Piano Academy 2021 in Disentis, Switzerland. Not as a pianist of course, but as a lecturer.
The theme of my lecture was: <Promote yourself, Music Entrepreneur>!
It was a big challenge, but I like that.
Immediately I started collecting material, articles, books.
I had quite a lot of time to prepare. This preparation time became even longer because due to the pandemic the Academy 2021 could not take place and the whole programme was moved to July – August 2022.

Due to Covid 19, a lot had changed in terms of musical performances and promotion.
There had been a shift to a more technological dimension, however bizarre this may sound.
During the lockdown and isolation period, <Streaming> seemed to be the magic word; concerts in streaming, lessons in streaming. But with what consequences for the musician, for the listener and for the organisers, for repertoire choice, for broadcasting rights, for payment…?

Digital platforms shot up like mushrooms.
Abbreviations were juggled with: NFT, DeFi, DSP, DAOs VR, AR, Metaverse, Web 3, FPR,…
Technology is evolving very fast and what seemed impossible a few years ago has been realised in record time with all the questions and consequences that this entails.

Thus, my lesson was composed of 3 parts: promotion aspects before the pandemic, promotion aspects during the pandemic and what the future may have in store.
Well-known piano teachers and about 40 talented and ambitious students from no less than 22 Countries took part in the lesson, and an interesting discussion and interaction quickly developed between those present.

The ISPA (International Summer Piano Academy) is a two-weeks intensive and educative course which brings young pianists in contact with well-known artists, who share their talent, experiences, knowledge and skills with the students.
Since 2019 the ISPA takes place in the monastery of Disentis/Mustér in the canton of Graubünden.
The Benedictine Monastery, located in an oasis of peace among the Swiss Alps, lends itself perfectly to this Summer Academy and is definitely worth a visit.
The road from Como to Disentis is already an adventure. About a two-hours drive over the Lucomagno mountain pass (1915 meters) and through a number of steep bends you suddenly see the mastodon monastery stuck against the mountains. The symbol of religious glory, power and wealth.
On the mountain pass you may encounter a flock of goats walking at their own pace along the road. A very nice detail that is part of the adventure.

Thank you Nina Orotchko for the invitation, for the heart-warming and perfect organisation and thank you to all teachers and students for their enthusiasm, for this inspiring and unforgettable experience!