The event, conceived by the Villa del Grumello Association and coordinated by artistic director and violinist Davide Alogna, took place from 6.30 PM of 12 August to 9.00 AM of 13 August. Yes, more than 14 hours of music and much more than only music.

After the opening with a piece of Donizetti’s opera Don Pasquale, music of G. Gershwin, K. Weill and the aria Libiamo of Verdi’s La Traviata, and the toast with sparkling wine, I played with the Japanese harpist Motoko Tanaka a recital for flute and harp entitled: Encouter between West and East, with music by G: Donizetti, M. Tournier, Cl. Debussy, H. Andriessen, A. Piazzola, M. Tanaka and C. Gardel.

The talented tangueros Laura Borromeo and Osvaldo Roldan then danced Gardel’s Tango Por Una Cabeza from the film Scent of a Woman.

An incredibile emotion of elegance and beauty.

Photographer: Eddi Canonico

After the flute – harp recital, many other national and international musicians played either solo or in chamber music ensemble. I mention only a few of them: Bruno Canino (piano), Davide Alogna (violinn), Carlo Palese (piano), Jacopo Taddei (saxophone), Antonio Cicero (bassoon), Duo Miroirs, (piano 4 hands, Antonello D’Onofrio and Claudio Soviero), Floraleda Sacchi (harp), Giuseppe Nova (flute), Federico Stassi (viola), Giulio Tampalini (guitar), Giacomo Scarponi (violin), Roberto Trainini (cello), Linda Hedlund (violin), Sinan Ersahin (guitar), and many others. A total over 22 Artists and 19 concerts.

No(t)te in Musica was a marathon of non stop music in the enchanting historical park near the precious Villa, under the huge cedar tree with a breathtaking view of Como Lake and in the Villa’s evocative greenhouse.
The red thread running through this night was the love for music and friendship. Playing together, sharing the emotions of music with each other and with the audience is essential for a musician.

The theme of the night was Limits; limits to be respected, to be crossed, to be explored, to be challenged, to be inhabited, to be cohabited and so on.
Among the various recitals there were several <experiences> for example the concert in the dark performed by Davide Alogna and the blind pianist Gianluca Casalino, or performing Schumann’s Träumerei by three different pianists, or playing among the audiences in different places.

Seeing the sunset, the darkness of the night, the stars and the light of dawn, the temperatures, the breeze, the freshness of the new day in that beautiful lake setting with music, with tango, with dance and yoga, with wine tasting, with a midnight spaghetti party, with Italian ice cream, with a collective breakfast and coffee, that made it all an unique, strong and important experience, sometimes surreal.

Photographer: Eddi Canonico

I crossed a LIMIT; I didn’t know I could skip a whole night sleep, I had never experienced it before.
For days I felt and kept the emotions, like I didn’t want to leave and lose them and I didn’t want to return to everyday reality.

THANK YOU DAVIDE ALOGNA for this wonderful idea. Thank you to Chiara Bignami of Villa del Grumello and everyone who made this event possible and a big success!

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