Beatrice Rana
I have just returned from Lecce, from the Chamber Music Festival Classiche Forme, artistic director Beatrice Rana. A festival, this year seventh edition, organized by the Music Association <Opera Prima> where internationally well knowned artists and talented young emerging artists meet and play together in a joyful atmosphere.
The concerts, even two or three on the same day, were held in the city’s evocative locations, art sites, the countryside and iconic places in Salento, such as in the Basilica of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Galatina, Casarano and the <Masseria Le Stanzie> tipical farmhouse of Salento, in Supersano. A magical place where I was able to listen to a wonderful concert by cellists Mario Brunello and Giovanni Sollima. A sunset of pure poetry.

Classiche Forme eliminates the gap between the stage and the audience. It is proof that a festival of the highest musical level can also be organised in small towns and not only in big cities. Beatrice Rana adds: ‘My wish is to bring to Salento all the emotions I feel playing around the world, creating a strong bond between territory, guests and music. The historic phrase ‘Think global, act local’ finds its full realisation in the Classiche Forma Festival.
The musical programme is varied, balanced and interesting.

Among well-known compositions such as Mozart’s Quartet for flute and strings, Mendelssohn’s String Octet, Arensky’s Trio n.1 for piano and strings op.32, you can also listen to Ligety’s Quartet n.2 for strings.
Among the artists I mention Beatrice Rana, Ludovica Rana, Stephen Waarts, Emmanuel Pahud, The Teyber Trio, Marmen String Quartet, Massimo Spada, Kevin Spagnolo, Rosa Feola and many others.

 Lecce has a rich history, of Roman origin, and is famous for its Baroque. It lends itself perfectly to chamber music with its monuments, churches, courtyards and palaces. In the Chiostro del Rettorato, on the Mura Urbiche, in the gardens of the Accademia di Belle Arti, on the rooftop of Palazzo Maresgallo; these are all places where the audience, (both local and foreign, young and old) listened to the concerts with great empathy and enthusiasm, despite the strong heat, almost always sold out.
At the sunset the stones of the houses and the city walls are coloured with a warm, very special light that makes this ancient village very charming.
The hotel where I was staying looked like a conservatory; music could be heard from every room, artists studied and rehearsed.

Thank you Beatrice Rana, thank you Classiche Forme.